Q1: What is the DTF transfer?
DTF (Direct-to-Film) is printing a design directly to a film, and transferring the design into a shirt or other substrates by using a heat press mechanism.

Q2: What Type of Ink is Used in DTF?
DTF uses a pigmented-based ink. The colors are printed through a 4-color process using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) with White ink printed on top. The colors are printed in this reverse order because when pressing the DTF transfer onto the fabric, the white ink must be on the bottom.

Q3: Is DTF Limited to just Cotton or Polyester Textiles?
No. Unlike other printing methods a DTF transfer can go onto any type of garment, including cotton, 50/50, polyester and tri-blends.

Q4: How Do I Press My Design?
  • Set the Heat Press Temperature to 320-350 F,
  • Press for 12-15 seconds with high pressure,
  • Wait for the DTF Transfer to cool down,
  • Peel the DTF transfer from the corner.

Q5: Must I Apply the DTF Transfer As Soon As it is Printed?
A: No. You can either press a DTF transfer as soon as it is ready or store it for later application.

Q6: What file format is required?
.png only. 300 DPI resolution .png file. You can send it to us or directly upload the Gang Sheet File in (.tiff) format.

Q7: What is a gang sheet?
A gang sheet consists of multiple different or same designs repeated on a printable area of 22in wide and X inches long. For example; 22"x12", 22"x24", 22"x48", 22"x96", 22"x120"and 22"x240". You can arrange same or different images of various sizes on any of our accepted gang sheet sizes.

Q8: How Do I Make A Gang Sheet?
Please follow the steps on the video below.

Q8: What is the current turnaround time (TAT)?

It is 1-2 business days, Monday-Friday.

Q9: Where are you located?
We are located in Stafford, Texas. Our address is: 4111 Greenbriar Dr STE A, Stafford, Texas, 77477.

Q10: Do you allow local pick up?
Yes, when placing the order please let us know about it.

Q11: Can I cancel an order?
Please contact us within 2 hours after placing the order and we can cancel it.

Q12: What are your minimums?
There is no minimum! Whether you need 1 or 10,000 we are here for your DTF Transfer needs!