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Why Fast DTF Printing?

Because every detail matters in printing, and we bring speed, precision, and affordability to every project.

Instant Pricing

Experience the ease of our system; upload and get immediate DTF transfer quotes, eliminating guesswork.

Swift Shipping

Time is valuable. Rely on us for rapid shipping, ensuring your projects move forward without delay.

Unbeatable Value

Quality shouldn't break the bank. We offer top-tier DTF transfers and UV printing at market-leading prices.


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Fast DTF Printing Process

Fast, Cheaper, Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Drag and Drop

Uploading your designs is a breeze. Just drag, drop, and we handle the rest.

Swift Print & Ship

We transform your designs into impeccable DTF transfers, and they're shipped out swiftly.

Press, Cool, and Impress

Apply your DTF at 320°F / 160°C, medium pressure for 15 seconds. A brief cool down, another press, and you're set for a vibrant, lasting impression.


What exactly is a DTF transfer?

DTF stands for Direct To Film. It's a cutting-edge printing technique where designs are printed directly onto a film. This film can then be transferred onto materials like cotton, polyester, and linen using a heat press.

What file formats do you accept for artwork?

For artwork submissions, we accept PNG files with a resolution of 300 dpi

How do I determine the pricing for my design?

Pricing for your design is determined by its length, as our width is fixed at 22 inches. We charge $0.4 per inch in height. Simply upload your PNG file, and you'll receive an instant price quote. Here are some examples for clarity:

For a design measuring 22"x10", the cost would be $4.00.
For 2 feet (22"x24"), the cost would be $9.60.
For 5 feet (22"x60"), the cost would be $24.00.
For 10 feet (22"x120"), the cost would be $48.00.
For 15 feet (22"x180"), the cost would be $72.00.
For 20 feet (22"x240"), the cost would be $96.00.

How fast will my order be shipped out?

We pride ourselves on speed! Typically, your order will be dispatched within 0-24 hours unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Can I get a refund or return my order?

Given the custom nature of our product, we don't accept returns. However, if there's a mistake on our end, please contact us immediately, and we'll work towards a resolution.

Do I need a specific type of press for applying the transfer?

You can utilize a household iron or even an industrial-level heat press. We provide guidance on this; check out our 'How to Press' section for more details.

How durable are your transfers after washing?

Our transfers are designed with durability in mind, ensuring they withstand up to 60 washes without losing their vibrancy or quality. This ensures your designs remain fresh and vibrant for longer, even with regular wear and washing.

Is there a minimum quantity for orders?

No! Whether it's just one or a bulk order, we cater to all quantities.

What's your shipping policy?

We offer a flat shipping fee of $9 for all orders under $200 within the U.S. For orders over $200, shipping is on us!

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